I know, the title is weird, but it got you here.

Several recent MPA related post have finally brought some people out of the woodwork.  I’m glad to see people getting excited and upset about this steamroller of a process.  Some have been working hard on this thing since late 07 and have watched the areas south of us get plowed under by the process.  Although it is all but too late to stop this thing, it is not too late to have your thoughts and opinions heard.

The external arrays have to be submitted 2/1/10 and the group(s) working on them has developed some decent considerations, given the lack of information and guidelines that have been provided by the MLPA Initiative.  The submission of the external array is 1/3 of the development process.  The Regional Stakeholder Group (RSG), about 30 people from all of the interest groups in Mendocino, Humboldt and Del Norte counties, are to be chosen by Jan. 25th.   Beginning in Feb. 2010 the RSG will go through two (2) more passes at the North Coast Region MPAs and will have to submit final proposals in late Oct. or early Nov. 2010.

It is unknown who will be on the RSG, but HASA members have made an effort to have representation by submitting more than 5 or 6 application for the RSG.  Hopefully several will get a seat on the RSG.

We may not be able to stop this thing, but if we do nothing, it will become the tool of groups that are not necessarily friendly to sport or commercial fishing.  Many of those groups would really like to severely limit ocean fishing access.

Want to fish, speak up!

YOU need to make your thoughts and opinions known!  Go to the MPA meetings and speak up, write to the MLPAI at, post them on the HTC site and/or, after the local RSG members are appointed, find out who they are and tell them what you think.

Written by Ben Doane

MLPA Proposed map - Cape


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